Advantages of releasing native fish 深海食鱼放生优点

  • Fish Release into the sea is the only legal form of life liberation as compared to releasing into reservoirs, rivers or parks where hefty fine can be issued. 只有在深海放生鱼是合法的
  • Benefits ecosystem. 放生的鱼不干扰环境。
  • Releasing non-invasive species into the wild. 将非侵入性鱼类释放到野外
  • Repay your karma by releasing fishes that are supposed to be sent to slaughter house. 通过释放本应送往屠宰场的鱼来偿还你的业力
  • Why release fish and not birds or insects? Repay your karma by releasing fishes that you once or are still killing for food.为何放鱼而不放鸟或昆虫。吃过鱼就陪回放生鱼。

Why Choose us?

  • Direct From Farm. 鱼直接来自养鱼场
  • No Minimum Pax 没有规定的人数 
  • No Frills 没有多余的装饰
  • Wholesale Restaurant rates 廉价
  • Away from Fishermen  离远渔民
  • Zero Fish Death Rate for release  放生时从来没有死鱼。
  • Harvested to order to ensure high survival rate. 为了鱼的生存率,鱼儿是从鱼场新鲜的运来。
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