Who are we

We are Fish Farm Owners that farm fishes for selling to Hotels and Restaurants


Where to Release the fish?
Fishes will be released from a boat

What is the minimum number of pax to join?
No minimum pax

What is Fish Liberation?
It is a long tradition for believers to release fish to equalize the karma they received knowingly or unknowingly. The Art of giving away a small part of your earnings in exchange of lives of another living thing.

Who are our customers who Release Fishes?
All races and religions are welcomed. Believers who have a wish/miracle they wish to fulfill. Parents giving a blessing to their children for the upcoming examination. Parent of/or Newly Weds or soon-to-be giving a blessing to a blissful marriage. Birthday Celebration. Husband of a wife who is expecting a child to give a blessing. Children praying for senior’s longevity. Adults who are suffering from poor health. Showing filial piety to seniors.
People who are directly or indirectly responsible for killing for food. (Chef, Slaughterer, Meat Store men) People who are directly or indirectly related to the death of another human being. (Police, SCDF, Army Personnel, funeral practitioner, forensic, etc)

What are our chargers?
Boat ride $30/pax Fishes $10/Fish 

What happens to the fishes after it is being released?
Smaller Seabass tends to swim towards swampy and Shores. These places tends to have small fishes so seabass are attracted to these areas. The Bigger seabass swim to the deeper parts of the ocean in search of bigger prey.

Will Fish release harm the environment?
Fishes are non-invasive species and they are released (Fang Sheng) from the region they spawn.
Will Fish released into the sea die easily?
Fish die for 2 main reasons, firstly they die of hunger and secondly they die from stress during handling. The fish released will undergo minimal stress and Fang Sheng (放生) Fish is carefully chosen to have a high rate of survival. Seabass are sometimes fed with bait fishes and not just dried pallets thus they will recognize what is prey when it been released to the sea.

What is the best date to do Fish liberation?
Commonly Fish release date is on auspicious days like Vesak Day, Chinese new year, Ching Ming Jie, birthday, wedding, prayers, sickness or as advised by the monks and Feng Shui master.